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Autumn Sale starts from November 22

Valve has revealed the upcoming Steam sales that will occur between November 2022 to March 2022. There will be three sales commencing in the said period namely, Autumn Sale, Winter Sale, and Spring Sale. This time around, Valve has decided to do away with the Lunar New Year Sale. Instead, there will be the Spring Sale later in March. Let’s see the entire sale schedule. Also Read – PlayStation Publisher sale is here: Massive discounts on God of War, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and more

Steam Sale schedule revealed till March

The Steam platform comes up with some exciting sales every year. However, the Lunar New Year Sale, which is one of the major sales on the platform is being discontinued. The primary reason for that is because of the timeline at which the sale was being held. Also Read – Tencent Games will shut down its Steam-like mobile game platform WeGame in September

The Lunar New Year Sale usually commences in late January or early February. As per the feedback that Valve received, this is close to the December holiday sale. Considering the feedback, Value is discontinuing the Lunar New Year Sale. However, as said above, there will be three different sales and the schedule is pretty interesting. The Lunar New Year Sale will be replaced by Spring Sale later in March. Also Read – Steam finally makes its way onto Chromebooks, but there’s a catch

As for what’s upcoming, Steam will keep its Autumn Sale in November. The Autumn Sale will be held between November 22 and November 29. Following it, the Winter Sale will commence in December starting December 22. It will end on January 5.  Later in March, there will be the Spring Sale between March 16 to March 23.

Steam sales are quite exciting, especially for those who don’t buy games on day one of release or who aren’t ready to pay a massive amount. Such Steam sales bring crazy discounts on new as well as old games. Some of the older titles are also offered for free.

Several publishers participate in the Steam Sale including popular names such as Rockstar, Square Enix, Sony Interactive, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and more.

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