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Google releases Bluetooth update for Stadia Controller

Google will be shutting down Google Stadia for good today. Ahead of that, the company has released one last update to its Stadia Controller. This update brings the promised Bluetooth support to the device that will enable gamers to use it with other gaming consoles. Also Read – Google Translate rolls out support for 33 new offline languages: Check the complete list here

The company has released a ‘Bluetooth mode’ tool at Players can use Chrome 108 or newer version of the web browser to download the update on Stadia Controller and use it with other gaming consoles. Google says that the switching is permanent. This means that once users have switched their Stadia Controllers to Bluetooth mode, they will not be able to change it back to use Wi-Fi on Stadia. However, they can still play using a wired connect with USB in Bluetooth mode. Also Read – How to change the Google Assistant’s voice on Android and iOS

It is worth noting that while the switch to Bluetooth mode is permanent, gamers only have until December 31, 2023, to make the switch. If Stadia players don’t enable Bluetooth Mode on their Stadia Controllers, they will be stuck using it as a glorified paperweight. Also Read – Apple releases Mac mini M2 and Mac Mini M2 Pro starting at Rs 59,900

Explaining how this feature works, Google said that when players use the Stadia Controller wirelessly in Bluetooth mode, the 3.5mm port and USB port won’t work for headphones. “When using the controller wired with USB, you’ll be able to plug headphones into the controller’s 3.5mm port,” the company added.

How to pair Stadia Controller using Bluetooth

Once user have enabled Bluetooth Mode on their Stadia Controllers, they can pair their devices to any other gaming console. To do so, Stadia players can press and hold the “Y + Stadia” buttons for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode after switching your controller into Bluetooth mode. Once the status light flashes orange, gamers will have to open the settings in the device with which they want to pair their controllers with. “Once paired and connected, the status light on the controller will turn solid white,” Google says.

Furthermore, the company says that PC that have a Bluetooth Low Energy adapter will be able to pair their Stadia Controllers with their devices. Beyond this, devices running the Windows 10 and 11 with Steam, MacOS 13 with Steam, ChromeOS and Android will be able to use Stadia Controller.

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