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India’s first mobile game with Dolby Atmos audio goes official for Android

Moong Labs, which is a developer and publisher of some of the free-to-play games on PlayStore, has released its popular Epic Cricket- Big League game in Dolby Atmos. It is claimed to be the first mobile game in India that supports this technology. Also Read – Pokemon Go surpasses $6 billion in lifetime player spending: Check details

India’s first mobile game with Dolby Atmos is here

The Epic Cricket – Big League is a popular cricket game for the mobile platform available on PlayStore for Android smartphones. The game currently has 1Cr+ downloads and doesn’t require any high-end hardware to play. In fact, the game’s graphics are pretty modest and can run on any Android smartphone. Also Read – Mayhem Studios announces new BGMI rival built in an Indian setup: Check details

With the Dolby Atmos audio, the game’s sound system is said to be more realistic. The player who’s playing will be able to hear the loud roar of the crowd from the stand where the ball goes. Similarly, the ball’s sound as it’s being delivered by the baller will also come towards the player, offering an immersive experience. Also Read – Need for Speed mobile gameplay video leaked: Here’s what we know so far

Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director of Dolby Laboratories said, “Being a mobile-first nation, mobile gaming is growing rapidly in India. There has been an increased demand from consumers for spectacular audio experiences on their smartphones. We cater to this demand with Dolby Atmos®, which provides impressive clarity, detail, and depth to create a more realistic and thrilling experience while gaming. We are confident that with Dolby Atmos®, gamers will enjoy a richer experience while playing Epic Cricket.”

“The Indian gamer today is seeking a quality experience while playing their favorite game on mobile. Epic Cricket with Dolby Atmos® will bring a whole new level of immersive gameplay to take gamers right into the action with surreal sound as if they were standing in person in the middle of the pitch. You’ll be able to soak in the sound, the tension, and elation of the crowd as you lead your team to an Epic Cricket journey,” said Samit Babbar, Head of Product at Moong Labs. 

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