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Sony’s PS VR2 is coming to markets in early 2023


Sony launched its PlayStation VR2 controllers back in February this year. At the time of launch, the company hadn’t specified as to when the gaming controller will be available in the market. However, shortly after reports hinted towards the PS VR2 controller availability being delated to 2023. Now, Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation VR2 gaming controller will be available in ‘early 2023’. Also Read – Sony PS5 restock today: Here’s how to pre-order PlayStation 5 gaming console in India

The company shared the news via its official Instagram handle. “Coming early 2023,” Sony wrote in the post. Take a peek: Also Read – Xbox One sales were not even half as PS4’s lifetime sales: Report

Sony PlayStation VR2 features

As far as details are concerned, Sony has already confirmed a number of key details about its gaming controller. The company has said that its PS VR2 headset will come with an OLED display and offer up to 4K HDR resolution with a 110-degree field of view. This headset will offer a resolution of up to 2000 × 2040 per eye along with frame rates of up to 120Hz. The Cinematic Mode will allow gamers to play games between 24Hz to 120Hz.

The company has also confirmed that headset in the PS VR2 controller will feature eye tracking technology that will detect motion of users’ eyes to sync them with the in-game character better. The company has also confirmed that the PS VR2 gaming controller will track users’ movements via integrated cameras embedded in the VR headset without using an additional external camera.

More recently, the company revealed that the PS VR2 will also sport a ‘See-Through View’ feature that will allow users to see through the VR headset. This feature is aimed at helping users see where their controllers are and keep a track of their surroundings without bumping into things.

Sony has also revealed that the PS VR2 will offer a customised play area to the gamers that will enable them to set a virtual fence around the play area. Upon crossing this area, users will get an instant warning, which in turn will help them in avoiding bumping into things. Lastly, Sony has revealed that the PS VR2 headset will also enable users to broadcast themselves while playing games.


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