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Vanguard fifth and final season date announced


Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard will be getting their fifth and final season The Stand. The final season, as the developer claims, will have the most infamous villains. In Warzone, Caldera’s Peak will witness new changes making the peak more unstable. In Multiplayer, the Activision is introducing two new fast-paced maps, Beheaded and Fortress. The Zombies mode will continue the Dark Aether saga in Vanguard’s round-based finale, “The Archon.” The new season will be launching on all compatible platforms on Augusts 24. Also Read – PlayStation 5 getting variable refresh rate support this week: Here are the details

Here’s what’s new in the new fifth and final season of Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard Also Read – Call of Duty: Warzone gets Godzilla and King Kong crossover in May: Watch video

Volcanic Activity at Caldera Peak

The Caldera peak will see more ominous seismic activity. Players will have to avoid the lava flowing at their feet and watch for molten rocks shooting sky-high and back down to earth again. The major content update will bring weather and lighting changes on both Caldera and Rebirth Island. Also Read – Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer free to access for limited time- New maps, features, and more

New Tools and Opportunities

Players will be able to discover a seismic device found within Caldera’s primary Battle Royale game mode. Trigger the device and defend against the incoming soldiers to get rewarded with powerful items and a unique Watch cosmetic for your Operator. This seismic device is called Doomsday Station.

Defend or Sabotage Caldera

The new Operation: Last Call can be done in the limited-time mode. It is inspired by Search and Destroy, featuring different outcomes based on your match results. You can choose your side in the Heroes vs. Villains Community Event and earn rewards for participating.

Two new multiplayer maps: Beheaded, Fortress

Beheaded: Players will battle under the neon lights outside famed Big Apple establishments, or take up position in Lady Liberty’s fallen head, race through her arms, and dash through the subway to flank enemies.

Fortress: The medium-sized map features close-quarters interiors with rooftop access. Players will fight in a maritime graveyard, where ship remains litter the desert landscape.

New round-based Zombies experience: ‘The Archon’

From a cursed desert battlefield to the heart of the Dark Aether: pass the Trials, confront the Construct, and defeat the Archon in the conclusion of Vanguard Zombies. Complete new quests and survive the rounds by utilizing the Altar of Covenants, Tome of Rituals, Perk Fountains, and the Pack-a-Punch machine to prepare for a larger-than-life final battle with Kortifex the Deathless.

New Battle Pass, New Weapons

The Last Stand Battle Pass delivers 100 Tiers of new content, including two new free weapons.


This prototype Energy Rifle forgoes traditional ballistics in favor of a customizable battery system used to power its attacks. Effective at long range, the weapon requires a cooling off period after depleting its charge capacity.

RA 225

This lightweight SMG boasts a fast fire rate and quick handling, perfect for shredding enemies in close to midrange battles. Through Gunsmith, customize it for greater power, handling, accuracy, or a balance of the three.


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